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Hello! I’m Steph

Resident Book Nerd & Embroiderer

 In a busy world, I have found a daily practice of mindful slowness and sustainability in embroidery. I am passionate about reclaiming embroidery for modern uses that are eco-minded, much as upcycling and mending. Like second-hand books, there is always some magic left in something once loved. I seek out recycled cottons, denims, and linen fabrics to use in my pieces, thrift many of my hoops and frames, and use eco-conscious materials for packaging and shipping when possible. While embroidery is my medium of focus, I hope to expand and incorporate other fibre arts techniques (weaving, punch needle, macrame) into my creative practice.

Stephanie Simko - Resident Book Nerd & Embroiderer at Owl Eyes Fibre Arts & Designs

Steph Simko is the artist behind Owl Eyes Fibre Arts: resident embroiderer, book nerd, and avid reader! 

I have always created: with words, with brushstrokes, with theatrics. I started working with fibre arts while in university, crocheting and (unsuccessfully) knitting items to sell at small craft markets. When the Covid-19 pandemic started and isolation was imposed, a friend offered to teach me embroidery over a Zoom call. I bought the supplies, learned a few stitches, and never looked back. Embroidery has offered me a new outlet to experiment, create, and make mistakes. I create pieces that give me joy, transport me to fantasy realms, and speak to other book nerds. I want to share these pieces of whimsy with you, inspire you to create, and encourage you to keep dreaming. 

When I’m not stitching, I’m reaching for a book: I prefer reading fantasy and adventure, with a dash of science-fiction and mystery; I frequently reach for short-story and poetry collections, rounded out with audiobooks from various genres.

Literary & whimsical embroidery

created by a bookworm for bookworms!

Owl Eyes Fibre Arts & Designs creates unique hand embroideries dedicated to a deep love of literature, fantasy, and whimsy.  As an avid reader and nature enthusiast, I am passionate about reclaiming embroidery for modern uses that are sustainably minded. Whether looking for an addition to your gallery wall or a custom piece inspired by a daydream, artwork from Owl Eyes comes to life one magical stitch at a time. 

Embroidery hoops laying on book that reads " In a land of myth and a time of magic." | Embroidery Art Commission by Owl Eyes Fibre Arts & Designs


Dark green ink splatter

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Owl Eyes Fibre Arts & Design

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From the North Shores of Lake Superior,
Thunder Bay, ON


Owl Eyes Arts lives and works on the traditional lands of the Anishinabek Nation and the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850. As a settler, I am grateful to live here and thank all the generations of diverse Indigenous, Inuit, and Metis peoples that have tended and taken care of the land. Their stories, beliefs, and concepts about the land and the water continue to guide and inspire me to carry forward a commitment to listen, (un)learn, and grow.