Reclaiming Shards | Framed Moss Embroidery


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Embroidery and crochet on shoe canvas. Acrylic yarn, natural fibre wool,  felt, embroidery floss. Broken pottery shards, ‘Wild Fern’ plate by Kat Twomey (Black Dog Ceramics)

6 x 8 inch wooden frame

Out of stock

Part of a collection. A multi-media artwork featuring pottery shards created locally in Thunder Bay, ON. The piece features embroidery and crochet techniques on shoe canvas. Artist used acrylic yarn, natural fibre wool,  felt,and  embroidery floss. This piece is set in a 6x8in picture frame, with hanging hardware and a stand for tabletop display. 

This design is my own creation and is stitched by hand by a single artist.

This piece is currently on display as part of my “Moss Gallery” collection; the display is hanging through November and December 2023. Any purchase made while the piece is on display will be delivered after this time (contact artist for timeline)

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions15 × 21 × 3 cm


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